CNY 2015 Flower Shape German Cookies [花花德式酥饼]

Compared this recipe shared by Jozelyn with Ann's which is basically the same. The difference is only the quantity of plain flour used in the 2 recipes.I chose to try Jozelyn's first, cos' the quantity is doubled that of Ann's and I didn't have to do some calculation as I wanted to make a bigger portion.
Verdict - these cookies are buttery, fine and crispy.   Melts in the mouth too.  It's a keeper.  The dough is easy to prepare and handle.  I used cherry bits instead of chocolate chips since it is for CNY [ang ang, good lah].  My hubby's expression was 'hmmmm.......' which means 'GOOD'.Since these cookies are so good, I'll be baking another batch using Ann's Chocolate Marble Cookies recipe.Recipe Source - Adapted from Spice Up My KitchenIngredients [材料]
[makes 105 pieces]
250 gm butter [牛油]
80 gm icing sugar - sifted [糖粉]
250 gm potato starch - sifted [马铃薯粉]
100 gm plain flour - sifted twice [面粉]
Decoration [装饰]
Some cherry bits or chocolate chips [适量 巧克力豆]
Beat butter and icing sugar until light and fluffy.  Fold in sifted flours and mix well.Fill the dough into nozzle mould of your choice, press it with the thumb into the baking tray lined with parchment paper.  Place a small cherry bit on top of the flower cookie dough.Bake in pre-heated oven at 170 degree Celsius for 15 minutes on middle rack.Remove to cool on wire rack before storing in air-tight container.

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