Dining Out - Southeast -- Chez Lulu, Birmingham, AL

I had a most wonderful lunch yesterday in celebration of my birthday!  I chose Chez Lulu in Mountain Brook, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama.  
A small gem hidden in plain site, located adjacent to Continental Bakery which provides all the bread for the restaurant. 
Very small and intimate, with a menu featuring fresh soups and European tartes made daily from fresh produce and top quality ingredients, delectable dips and spreads, Mediterranean special entrees and gourmet sandwiches on rustic hearth baked breads.  Everything we ordered was delicious.
I started out the celebration with a bubbly glass of Prosecco!

My dining companion had a mojito.

Complimentary assortment of bread with olive oil was served.  Knowing my love of bread, of course I forgot to take the picture until the basket was almost empty.  Oops.

We decided on the Artisinal Cheese Sampler Platter for starters.  A wonderfully soft Brie, an extremely tangy goat cheese and a strong and full bodied blue cheese served with sliced pears, strawberries, red grapes and chopped walnuts.

We both chose the soup of the day, French Provençal with Pistou.  We both enjoyed this soup.  Full of vegetables and nicely seasoned.

My dining companion ordered the Tarragon Chicken on Sourdough Bread.  I had a bite and the chicken was well seasoned, tender, the mayo/chicken proportion was excellent and the tarragon flavor was not overwhelming.  The chicken salad is also available as a salad selection if you don't want a sandwich.

I ordered the zucchini and red pepper tart.  The vegetables were tender and the tart was cheesy and delicious.  

We shared the Pear Tart with apricot glaze.  The crust was just a tad difficult to cut through, but the flavor was amazing.

And for the grand finale, the ladies' room has a lovely fainting couch.  I loved it.