Dumpling Festival 2012

According to Chinese traditional beliefs, it is said that when someone passed away in the family, within a year, many things cannot be done such as making rice dumplings [tang yuen], steamed sweet glutinous rice [thnee kuih] and wrapping of dumplings [bak chang etc].So since my Pa passed away, we were advised not to do any of these for a year.  As it is a traditional practice, for the past few days, many of our friends, relatives and neighbours have been bringing to us the dumplings that they made.Here are some of the dumplings which we received.  I wish to thank them for their kind thoughts and of course their delicious DUMPLINGS of various fillings and shapes. Interesting, isn't it?  I appreciate the BOND between us.
Each have their own flavours and tasted good with all their love and care.   I'll share mine next dumpling festival, hehehe!