I find this a versatile recipe.  The fried meatballs can be served on its own with or without a dipping sauce, braised with winter melon or cabbage or cook as a soup.  Here, I have choose to braise it.  The meatballs on its own are tasty, braised, the winter melon absorbs the flavours of the seasoning and gingery aroma of the meatballs.
Ingredients300 gm pork with some fats - cut into small pieces1 tbsp chopped ginger1 stalk spring onions - choppedMarinade for Meatballs2 tbsp each of  light soy sauce and cooking winedash of pepper1/2 tsp sugar1 tbsp cornflourSeasoning For Braising1 tbsp each light soy sauce, wine and oyster saucedash of salt, msg and pepper to taste150 ml water200 gm winter melon - peeled and cut wedgessome chopped coriander leaves and red chillies
Pulse meat pieces with ginger and the marinade several times.  You can do it in batches if you are using a small blender.Scrape into a bowl, add in chopped spring onions and mix well into round.  Leave to rest for 15  minutes in the fridge.Shape into balls.  Deep fry the meatballs until golden brown and cooked through.  Drain and serve immediately with chilli sauce or set aside for braising or cook in soup.For braising - place fried meatballs, winter melon, seasoning and water in a pot.  Bring to boil and simmer until winter melon is soft and water reduced.
Dish up to serve.  Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and red chillies.