Huan Chu T'ng [Sweet Potato In Ginger Syrup]

Air Itam morning market in Penang has several things that are popular and famous like the Penang Assam Laksa, the Kooi Sisters Curry Mee, crispy fried crullers, and many more to name that attracts locals and of course tourists and visitors from all over.  During festive times, this place is full of activities from dawn to dusk and the traffic snarled in the area.

I used to be a 'full time' resident there and I sometimes wish to have some privacy and space.  People [visitors] visiting the market simply parked their vehicles outside my house which is situated at the vicinity of the market making the place so congested.   Now, I'm a 'part-time' resident so it's more or less bearable cos' I know when to get out from there.

Oh, I'm going off track.  What I would like to share here is another famous item that one can get at the market.  Guess what?  It's 'AIR ITAM GINGER', grown at the surrounding hills in the area.  It has its unique quality very different from the ginger from other places.  This ginger is especially fragrant and famed for its heat-giving properties.  It is a must have item in almost all dishes for confinement meals and others too.   During the confinement month, kilos and kilos of it are used and the price is many times more than other ordinary ginger.

Using it for Huan Choo T'ng [sweet potato dessert] and Kuih Ee syrup and many other dishes does makes a great difference to its taste.  If you do visit this place, specifically ask for 'Air Itam Ginger' and find out how it differs.

We usually cook this dessert in white sugar syrup but this time I used both brown and white sugars.  The syrup was more fragrant and not too sweet.  Goes well with the soft and sweet potatoes.  Screwpine [pandan] leaves are not necessary for this dessert.  It's a nice dessert or for a hot afternoon tea time.

Ingredients - recipe adapt ed from Nyonya Flavours
[serves 3-4]500 gm orange sweet potatoes - peel and cut into chunks1 litre water30 gm [thumb size] old ginger - sliced [I used Penang Air Itam ginger]50 gm dark brown sugar50 gm white sugarBring water and ginger slices to boil.  Add in sweet potatoes and continue to simmer for about 15-20 minutes or until sweet potatoes are soft.Add in sugar to taste.Serve warm.

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